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Get the most out of your Surveillance by avoiding these four common mistakes

Managing your surveillance camera system so that it works smoothly is a simple task but home and business owners are busy people, and that’s where the problem arises.

Here, we’ve compiled a simple check for you to avoid the most common mistakes.

Protect against power surges…

 Surveillance systems are computers that help protect your home or business. Thunderstorms can result in momentary losses of power. Surveillance systems keep an eye 24/7, but cannot do so without power. Likewise, surges in power can damage your surveillance system requiring parts replaced.


How to avoid it: Protect the system that protects you. Consider an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), a device that supplies electricity in the event of an outage, much like a rechargeable battery. The larger the UPS the longer it can supply electricity. To guard against surges, a UPS or surge protector can help protect your system.

Make sure your recording settings are set properly ….

The system may be on and functioning properly but not recording. Make sure you understand all the recording modes of your recorder. Choose from motion detection, pre-recording, scheduled recording, and manual recording to name a few. Recorders (DVRs and NVRS) can use a combination of these recording modes to suit your application. Use motion in areas of little traffic and to conserve hard drive space.


How to avoid it: Consult your recorder’s user manual and test your system to make sure it’s functioning the way you intended. Revo offers free lifetime technical support with every system.


Take the work out of networking….

Undoubtedly, networking your DVR or NVR can be a bit tricky. Yet, one of the most powerful features of a surveillance system is its ability to be viewed from virtually anywhere, via smartphone or computer. Check out the Revo Ultra, with two-step connectivity on phone, tablet and computer. Depending on your home or business’ internet modem, you may require added steps to get your system networked. Don’t let this deter you from taking advantage of one of the best features of your system!


How to avoid it: Consult your user manual or take advantage of friendly lifetime technical support.

Beware of blind spots…

Is your camera coverage adequate? Covering all first floor doors and windows in your home or business is a great place to start. Selecting the right camera for the right application is important too. Cover a wider area with high resolution cameras, or cameras with wider viewing angles. The Revo Ultra has a special Corridor View mode, perfect for doors, hallways and windows.


How to avoid it: Remember to cover doors and windows on the first floor. Sketch your design on paper with a bird’s eye view of your building and your proposed camera placements. Consider getting a recorder with more channels than immediately necessary, leaving the option to add cameras in the future.



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  • Reply Gillian Jeremi June 21, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    Very informative. Where can I purchase a UPS?

    • Reply Robert Flores June 21, 2016 at 2:35 pm

      You can get a UPS from stores like Fry’s or online from Amazon.

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