Use of Surveillance Cameras in Hospitals
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Surveillance Cameras for Hospitals who are “sick” of risk.

How Surveillance Cameras help Hospitals

Imagine Fort Knox was as crowded as a shoulder-to-shoulder packed subway. Hospitals often endure visits from hundreds of people around the clock, yet are charged with the responsibility to save lives and keep people healthy. This traffic, combined with vulnerable patients, high staff turnover, and expensive equipment is a recipe for risk. Just ask Northwest Regional Medical Center, where a threatening intruder broke into a hospital, and made it into the ER. Fortunately, this risk can be managed using Surveillance Systems. Sick of risk, hospitals have taken note.
Let’s take a look:


Continuous monitoring: With surveillance cameras installed, hospitals enjoy complete and continuous monitoring of all the activities that take place in the hospital. Security cameras shed light on all that happens in and around the hospitals, thus, giving a better and secured environment.

Higher Accountability:  At times, patients and staff make serious allegations against hospital authorities. There were almost 600,000 medical malpractice reports between 2004 and 2014 in the US, over half of which resulted in penalty against the healthcare professional. Visual evidence in such cases protects hospitals by both keeping professionals accountable, and guarding against lawsuit.

Patient Care: Security cameras allow hospital management to keep tabs on all employees as they handle the day-to-day patient care. As patients recover, daily and effective patient care must be maintained. One misstep, duplicate care administration, a missed meal, or neglect of daily hygiene activities has real consequences.

Patient Safety: Security cameras can prevent break-ins, keep track of unauthorized visitors, thus extending all round security in and around the hospital premises.

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