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License plate recognition camera
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Keep an Eye on Every Vehicle with REVO’s License Plate Recognition Camera

Revo is a leading manufacturer of innovative security solutions, including high-quality license plate recognition cameras. Designed with advanced technology and cutting-edge features, Revo’s LPR camera provide accurate and reliable license plate capture for a range of applications, from law enforcement to parking management. 

What is a License Plate Recognition Camera? 

A License Plate Recognition Camera is a security camera that is specifically designed to capture and recognize license plates of vehicles in its vicinity. It uses advanced image processing and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture and decode the license plates, allowing for quick and easy identification of vehicles. 

These cameras are commonly used in parking lots, toll booths, and other high-security areas to monitor and record vehicle traffic. They are also used by law enforcement agencies to track and identify vehicles of interest. 

License Plate Recognition Cameras are an effective and efficient tool for enhancing security and surveillance systems. They offer the ability to quickly identify and track vehicles, providing an added layer of protection for people and property. With its advanced features and capabilities, the License Plate Recognition Camera is an invaluable asset to any security system. 

Driving Your Security Forward: Understanding the LPR Camera 

REVO ULTRA High-Tech Full-HD 1080p License Plate Recognition IR Camera with junction box

  • REVO’s LPR camera, the RUCLPR2M-1C, uses AI character recognition technology to automate the process of license plate capture, and is capable of capturing footage at a high rate of 1080P@60fps. 
  • This security camera has all the basic features you’d expect, but they’ve been designed specifically to meet the camera’s needs. 
  • This IP camera can record video at 60 frames per second and has a resolution of 2 megapixels. It’s equipped with a motorized zoom lens, with a focal length that can vary from 4.7mm to 47mm. Additionally, it has a 4 IR LED lens, and it’s rated as IP67 weather-resistant.


Unlocking the Full Potential: Advanced Features of REVO’s Plate Recognition Camera  

High-quality LPR camera

Superior LPR camera technology with high-quality imaging capabilities, allowing for efficient and reliable monitoring of vehicles for security and surveillance purposes

motorized zoom lens

Superior LPR camera technology with motorized zoom lens, delivering clear and accurate license plate recognition for 24/7 monitoring and access control

LPR camera with true WDR

Superior LPR camera technology with true WDR capabilities, delivering precise and reliable license plate recognition for enhanced security and surveillance

video compression

Looking for smoother streaming? High efficiency video coding may be the answer

Vehicle access control

Need reliable vehicle access control? Our LPR camera technology provides accurate readings of license plate numbers for secure and efficient access management

email notification (2)

Advanced LPR camera technology that sends email notifications of license plate captures, providing added security and peace of mind

High-Quality Imaging: One of the most important features of an LPR camera is its ability to capture clear images of license plates even at a distance. With a high-resolution 1080p industrial-grade sensor, license plate capture is accurate and reliable, making it easier for authorities to track down vehicles.  

The camera also features a Starlight Optical Sensor and 4 LED IR illumination beads to capture images of license plates at night or in low-light conditions, ensuring that license plate recognition is effective 24/7. 

Motorized Zoom Lens: The motorized zoom lens of an LPR camera allows for flexible focal length adjustment, making it easier to install and capture license plates at different distances. 

 This feature is particularly useful in parking lots or garages, where vehicles may park at varying distances from the camera. 

Advanced Imaging Features: The LPR camera also features AGC, White Balance, and WDR for various light conditions, ensuring that the camera captures high-quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. 

 This feature can be useful in areas where there are large changes in lighting conditions throughout the day. 

Efficient Compression: Advanced H.265 encoding technology improves compression efficiency, allowing for more efficient use of storage space and faster transmission of video footage. 

Vehicle Access Control: The LPR camera can be connected to a barrier to enable vehicle access control. This feature is particularly useful in parking lots or gated communities, where only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter. 

Allow-List and Block-List Configuration: The camera supports allow-list and block-list configuration, which allows users to specify which license plates are allowed or not allowed to enter a particular area. This feature is particularly useful in high-security areas or areas with limited access. 

Email Notifications: The LPR camera can be configured to send email notifications when a specific license plate is detected or when certain conditions are met. This feature is particularly useful for law enforcement agencies or parking operators who need to be notified of specific events. 

Easy Installation: The LPR camera features a 3-axis mounting bracket for various installation scenarios, making it easier to install and adjust the camera’s position. 


Multi-Functional Capabilities of LPR Cameras Beyond License Plate Recognition: 

  • Built-in vehicle & license plate recognition algorithm can recognize standard license plates of multiple countries 
  • Supports simultaneous application to road and entry/exit scenes without switching 
  • Supports license plate detection and recognition for up to 2 lanes in road scenes. 
  • Supports capturing vehicle head only. 
  • Supports recognition of up to 10 vehicle body colors. 
  •  Supports allow-list and block-list configuration.  
  • Supports vehicle access control when connected to a barrier. 
  •  Supports Micro SD cards of up to 128GB.  
  • Supports Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR), the camera can automatically store video to its SD card in case of network disconnection (micro-SD card not included).  
  • Supports audio acquisition and intercom. 

Now let’s talk about another important and main thing about the LPR camera I.e., Network and network security 


The ability of a network to adapt to various conditions can make all the difference in delivering a seamless user experience. This is especially true for live video streams, which can suffer greatly from network issues such as packet loss. 

 Fortunately, the network auto-adaptability of some systems ensures that live video streams remain smooth and uninterrupted, even in less-than-ideal network conditions. 

 Additionally, the support of SNMP and UNP protocols ensures that the network is easy to manage and traverse between public and private networks. 

 And if you need even more customization, third-party integration is made easy with the ability to integrate through SDK or HTTP. All of these features come together to create a comprehensive and user-friendly system that can be trusted to deliver high-quality video and audio feeds, even in challenging circumstances. 

Network Security: 

  • Supports authorized user access by password. Weak password detection and account lock-up when failed login attempts reach the upper limit enhance password security. 
  •  Supports HTTPS. RTSP authentication prevents unauthorized video stream requests. 
  •  IP address filtering prevents illegal access from untrusted IP addresses.  
  • Gateway ARP protection prevents MAC address spoofing. 


Top Uses of License Plate Recognition Cameras 

Parking Lots : LPR cameras can be used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting parking lots, identify parking violators, and automate parking fee collection. 

Monitored Entry Gates/Stations: LPR cameras can be used to control access to gated communities, office buildings, and other secured areas. By recognizing authorized vehicles, these cameras can allow entry to those who are permitted while denying entry to those who are not. 

Gas Stations : LPR cameras can be used to monitor gas pump transactions and detect license plates associated with fuel theft or other fraudulent activities. 

Army Area: LPR cameras can be used at army bases to monitor and identify vehicles entering and exiting, and track potential security threats. 

Society Entrances: LPR cameras can be used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting residential communities and to control access to the premises. 

Drive Throughs: LPR cameras can be used in fast-food restaurants or other drive-through establishments to improve order accuracy and speed up customer service. 

Toll Gates: LPR cameras can be used to automate toll collection, recognize authorized vehicles, and track traffic flow. 

Car Washes: LPR cameras can be used in car washes to automate payment processing and track customer usage. 

Police Check Posts: LPR cameras can be used by law enforcement agencies to detect stolen vehicles, identify suspects, and track the movement of potential criminal activity. 

Govt/Private Business Buildings: LPR cameras can be used in government or private business buildings to monitor vehicle traffic and control access to the premises, providing an added layer of security.


Top Benefits of LPR Systems 

  • Enhanced Security: License Plate Recognition Cameras can be used to enhance the security of residential and commercial properties, parking lots, and other public areas. These cameras can quickly identify vehicles and their drivers, helping to prevent unauthorized access, theft, and other security issues. 
  • Parking Management: License Plate Recognition Cameras can be used to manage parking in public areas such as shopping malls, airports, and stadiums. By recognizing license plates, these cameras can monitor and control parking access, issue parking tickets, and track parking lot occupancy. 
  • Traffic Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies can use License Plate Recognition Cameras to enforce traffic laws and regulations. These cameras can quickly identify and track vehicles of interest, such as stolen vehicles or those with outstanding warrants. 
  • Toll Collection: Toll booths and other roadways can use License Plate Recognition Cameras to automate toll collection. By recognizing license plates, these cameras can quickly and accurately identify vehicles and charge the appropriate toll fees. 
  • Access Control: License Plate Recognition Cameras can be used to control access to gated communities, parking garages, and other secured areas. These cameras can recognize authorized vehicles and allow them entry while denying entry to unauthorized vehicles. 

How to Install LPR Cameras Without Hassle 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install this camera: 

  • Choose the Right Location: The first step is to choose the right location for the camera. You’ll want to choose a location that provides a clear view of the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the area. 
  • Mount the Camera: Once you’ve chosen the location, you’ll need to mount the camera. The Revo Ultra License Plate Recognition Camera comes with a junction box that makes it easy to mount the camera securely. 
  • Connect the Cables: The next step is to connect the cables. The camera comes with a power cable and an Ethernet cable. Connect the power cable to a power source and the Ethernet cable to a network switch or router. 
  • Configure the Camera: Once you’ve connected the cables, you’ll need to configure the camera. This involves setting up the camera’s IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. 
  • Install the Software: Finally, you’ll need to install the software that comes with the camera. This will allow you to access the camera’s live feed and configure its settings. 

With these simple steps, you can install the Revo Ultra High-Tech Full HD 1080P License Plate Recognition IR Camera with Junction Box and start enjoying its many benefits.  


Maximizing the Potential of Your LPR: A Guide to Installation and Mounting


The REVO Ultra License Plate Recognition Camera (RUCLPR2M-1C) is designed to be compact and versatile, measuring 6.1 inches by 4.6 inches by 4.4 inches (LxWxH). Its compact size makes it easy to install and position for maximum coverage. 

The camera’s housing is IP67 rated, which means it is resistant to dust and water, making it ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, the camera’s junction box is included, making installation even more straightforward. 
dimensions of lpr camera

Best Places to Mount LPR Bullet Camera 

The REVO Ultra License Plate Recognition Camera can be mounted in a variety of locations, depending on the specific needs of the user. Here are some of the best places to mount the camera for optimal performance: 

  • Above the entrance gate: If you’re using the camera to monitor a gated entrance, consider mounting it above the gate so that it has a clear view of the license plates as vehicles enter and exit. 
  • On a pole or post: Mounting the camera on a pole or post is a popular option for parking lots or other areas where vehicles may be moving in multiple directions. This allows the camera to capture license plates from multiple angles and heights. 
  • On a building or wall: Mounting the camera on a building or wall is a good option if you want to capture license plates from a fixed location, such as a driveway or parking lot entrance. 
  • Infrared illuminators: For optimal license plate capture, it is recommended to use additional infrared illuminators with the camera. These can be mounted alongside the camera to provide additional light in low-light conditions, improving the clarity and accuracy of the captured license plates. 


To ensure that the REVO Ultra License Plate Recognition Camera properly records vehicles’ license plates, it’s important to position the camera at the correct angle along with the correct location. Ideally, the camera should be mounted at a height and angle that allows it to capture the license plates of vehicles as they pass by. 

A general guideline for positioning the camera is to mount it at a height of 10 to 15 feet above the ground and at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. This will allow the camera to capture the license plates of vehicles as they approach and pass by, without obstructing the view of the driver’s head or other important details of the vehicle. 

However, the exact positioning may vary depending on the specific needs and location of the camera. It’s important to test the camera in different positions and angles to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in capturing license plates. Additionally, the camera should be mounted securely to prevent it from being tampered with or knocked out of position. 


Get your REVO AMERICA License Plate Recognition Camera today:  

Setting up a security system is important to prepare for security issues before they happen. A license plate recognition camera can help by automatically collecting license plate numbers. This is helpful if you ever need to look up a license plate number or provide video evidence to the police. Being proactive and installing a license plate recognition camera can give you peace of mind and make it easier to handle security-related issues. 

Revo’s RUCLPR2M-1C license plate recognition camera provides you with the readiness to handle any vehicle-related situation. With this camera, you can easily generate a report of every license plate captured during a specific period, which can be helpful if you need to investigate an incident. 

If you don’t have a specialized LPR (license plate recognition) system, capturing license plates can become needlessly complicated. It may take a lot of effort to manually search through footage to find the exact moment you’re looking for, which can end up being a waste of time. 

If you need assistance or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us(hyperlink) or leave a comment in the section provided below. We are always delighted to be of help! 

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