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New Quick Connect Mini Vandal Domes - REVO Official Blog

New Quick Connect Mini Vandal Domes

One of the most crucial aspects of any security system is the video security camera. These cameras allow homeowners and business owners to get a clear picture of what is going on around their home or business. Revo America is pleased to offer the new Quick Connect Mini Vandal Dome Camera. This surveillance camera offers incredible features that make using them easy to use and convenient at the same time.

Great for Indoors and Out

Some homes and businesses use security cameras inside, while others have a need to house some of their cameras outside. When you are putting together your security camera system, it is important to determine where you will use them. If you need a combination of both indoor and outdoor cameras, the Quick Connect Mini Vandal Dome Camera is the ideal option. Using cameras both inside and outside the building will work best if you use the same kind of camera in both locations, making it essential to find an option that will work in both locations without putting your system at risk.

Vandal Proof

Often individuals who are trying to steal from or otherwise vandalize a property are smart enough to realize that there may be cameras. They then identify these cameras and disable or block them to avoid getting caught. For this reason, it is essential to find video security cameras that don’t allow vandals to take advantage. The rounded domes on the Quick Connect Mini Vandal cameras prevent criminals from covering them so they don’t capture the act. Likewise, these cameras mount flush to the wall and hide all wires so they can’t be cut and the cameras can’t be removed. These features make it an effective surveillance camera.

Plenty of Features

Even though this model of security camera is small, it is effective because it still offers all of the same features as some of the larger cameras. For instance, the Quick Connect Mini Vandal Dome Camera is equipped with night vision capabilities to create a clear picture, even when it is dark in the area. In addition, it also features motion detection that allows you to save room on your DVR. When the camera detects motion, it will turn on and record for a specified period of time to capture all the action. Zoom, flipping and digital image stabilization are other features that make these video security cameras a great option for any security system.

Finding the right surveillance camera for your home or business can be difficult with all the options that are available. If you are looking for a security camera that saves space or want a vandal proof option, the Quick Connect Mini Vandal Dome Camera is a great choice. It measures about one inch by three inches, and despite its small size, incorporates all of the features found in larger models. Because these cameras can be used both inside and outside, you will be able to set up an effective security system to keep your home or business safe.

If you are ready to purchase these small surveillance cameras for your security system, contact us. We offer security solutions for all!

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