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Revo Ultra 4MP Outdoor Security Camera
revo outdoor security camera
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Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera: The Most Advanced Camera on the Market


The Outdoor Security Camera, Revo America’s Ultra 2K 4MP, emerges as a top-tier choice for homeowners seeking enhanced security measures to safeguard their home and loved ones. This article delves into its remarkable features, numerous benefits, optimal placement recommendations, and compelling reasons why the Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera stands as the most advanced camera on the market.

Unleashing the Power of Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera 

Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Camera is packed with cutting-edge features that elevate its performance and set it apart from the competition: 

  • Unmatched 2K 4 Megapixel Resolution4mp resolution image

Experience the pinnacle of image clarity with the Revo Outdoor Security Camera’s superior 2K resolution. Every detail is captured with unrivaled precision, ensuring that you never miss any critical event around your property. 

  • Built-in 2x Microphones & Speaker for Seamless Communicationtwo way communication

Enjoy seamless two-way audio communication with the camera’s built-in 2x microphones and speaker. Whether it’s greeting visitors or deterring potential intruders, this feature provides real-time interaction from the convenience of your mobile device. 

  • Ultra Wide-Angle Lens, 160° ±10° Image with Double Slicing Technologywide angle lens

Our Ultra Wide-Angle Lens with double slicing technology. Monitor a larger area with just one camera. Minimize blind spots for better home security. Peace of mind made simple

  • 3D Noise Reduction for Enhanced Night Vision3DNR

Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Surveillance Camera ensures clear and sharp images in low-light conditions with 3D noise reduction. Night vision capabilities are elevated, allowing you to maintain constant surveillance even in the darkest hours. 

  • 100 Feet Night Vision Range for Unparalleled Visibilityoutdoor security camera with night vision

Embrace optimal surveillance with the camera’s impressive 100 feet (30 meters) night vision range. Critical areas on your property remain visible and protected 24/7, leaving no room for intruders to exploit. 

  • Intelligent Human Body and Audio Detectionmotion detection

Go beyond standard motion detection with intelligent human body and audio detection. The camera filters out false alarms triggered by animals or moving objects, ensuring that you receive only relevant alerts. 

  • IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Rating: Durability in Any Climatewide temperature range

With an IP66 rating, Revo Outdoor Surveillance Camera thrives in any environment. Rain or shine, this rugged camera remains steadfast, providing unwavering protection for your home. 


  • 4KV Surge Protection: Safeguarding Against Electrical Surgessafe lightning protection

Revo Security Camera incorporates 4KV surge protection, ensuring its durability and resilience against electrical surges that may occur in your power supply. 

  • Easy Setup with 100ft Cat 5e Cable Included

Enjoy hassle-free installation with the included 100ft Cat 5e cable, extendable up to 500ft. Setting up your surveillance system has never been easier or more convenient. 

The Ideal Placement for Maximum Effectiveness where to place outdoor camera

To optimize the Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera’s effectiveness, consider strategic placement in the following areas: 

  • Entry Points: Install cameras near doors, windows, and garage entrances to monitor potential unauthorized access. 
  • Front Yard and Driveway: Capture the arrival of visitors or intruders before they reach your doorstep. 
  • Backyard and Patio: Cover these private areas prone to burglary and trespassing. 
  • Side Gates: Prevent unauthorized entry through less visible access points. 


Why Choose Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera features of outdoor security camera

  • Unparalleled Image Clarity: Experience 2K resolution for crystal-clear imaging. 
  • Superior Night Vision: With 100 feet night vision, never miss a moment, even in complete darkness. 
  • Advanced Detection: Intelligent human body and audio detection ensure accurate alerts. 
  • Rugged Durability: IP66 rating and wide temperature range for all-weather protection. 
  • Reliable Performance: 4KV surge protection safeguards against electrical surges. 
  • Easy Installation: Included 100ft Cat 5e cable makes setup a breeze. 


Revo outdoor camera is the best outdoor security camera without subscription, offering unrivaled features, exceptional performance, and peace of mind. From crystal-clear resolution to intelligent detection and weather-resistant durability, this camera surpasses expectations in safeguarding your home and loved ones. Embrace the future of home and business security with Revo Ultra 2K 4MP Outdoor Security Camera and experience unparalleled protection like never before. Buy pack of 4 to save 25% more . Visit our store REVOAMERICA



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