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Revo Video Monitoring Systems for Automotive Businesses
7 things you require in surveillance for automotive industry
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Stay Ahead of the Curve – Revo Video Monitoring Systems for Automotive Businesses

Safety and security have always been a top priority in the automotive industry, whether it is for the employees or the valuable assets of the company. This is where surveillance systems come in, which are an essential part of industry. There are many types of surveillance systems available in the market and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

In this article, we will discuss the requirements of Video Monitoring Systems in the automotive industry and how they can be fulfilled.  

High Resolution Camera Systems:  


High-resolution camera systems are a must-have for any automotive industry. They can capture clear and detailed images, which are essential for identifying individuals or vehicles. These cameras can be installed in different locations, including entrances, exits, parking lots, and warehouses. They can also be integrated with other security systems such as commercial CCTV systems, to enhance the overall security of the facility.  

Check out Revo’s High-resolution camera systems 

Cloud Footage Storage:  

revo cloud footage

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Instead of storing footage locally, cloud storage allows the footage to be stored in a secure offsite location. This ensures that the footage is safe from theft, vandalism, or any other physical damage that may occur on-site.  

Revo America’s network video recorder (NVR) security systems offer cloud storage capabilities, making it a great option for automotive businesses. Check out the store

License Plate Recognition Camera:  

revo license plate recognition camera

License plate recognition cameras (LPR) cameras are becoming more common in the automotive industry. They can capture the license plate numbers of vehicles entering or leaving the facility. This information can be used to identify any unauthorized vehicles or to keep track of the vehicles entering and leaving the facility. These cameras are a great addition to any business surveillance system. 

Check out Revo America’s fully featured License Plate Recognition Camera

Vandal Proof Cameras:  

revo vandal proof cameras

Protect your property and equipment with Revo America’s vandal-proof cameras. Vandalism can cause significant damage to a company’s property and equipment. Vandal-proof cameras are designed to withstand physical damage caused by vandalism. These cameras are typically enclosed in a protective casing and are installed in high-risk areas where they are vulnerable to damage.  

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras:  

revo ptz cameras for automotive industry

Revo America’s Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras are versatile cameras that can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom in on specific areas of interest. They can capture high-quality images from different angles, making them ideal for monitoring large areas such as parking lots and warehouses.  

Indoor Cameras:  

revo indoor cameras for automotive industry

Monitor high-risk areas such as reception areas, offices, and warehouses with indoor cameras. They can capture clear images of individuals entering and leaving these areas, which can be used to identify any unauthorized access or suspicious activity. 

Revo America’s indoor/outdoor security cameras and multi-channel security cameras are vandal-proof, making them a great option for automotive businesses.


you are under cctv surveillance revo decals

Deter criminals with cost-effective decals, indicating that your facility is under CCTV surveillance and discouraging break-ins or property damage. These decals can be placed on windows or doors, indicating that the facility is under cctv surveillance. This can discourage criminals from attempting to break in or cause damage to the property.   

Revo America offers decals for its commercial surveillance systems, making them a great option for automotive businesses.


In conclusion, video monitoring systems are crucial in the automotive industry. They can help to enhance the overall security of the facility, prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. High-resolution camera systems, cloud footage storage, license plate recognition cameras, vandal-proof cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, decals, and indoor cameras are all essential components of a comprehensive surveillance system. By investing in these systems, automotive companies can ensure the safety and security of their employees and valuable assets.  




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